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Featuring Susan Hughes and Charys Wilson (Episode No.14)

Charys Wilson

"I have always had a fascination with the overlooked, underappreciated, seemingly banal aspects of nature. Fleeting moments that are often missed, namely those which involve sunlight. I have been intrigued with making works based on the phenomenon of perception, how people perceive their surroundings, what they consider to be worthy or not worthy of their time/appreciation. We all see the same things, but our associations and outlook affect how we perceive them, I want to share my own personal perception. I work mainly in drawing, but also create 3D natural light boxes. I am becoming more interested in installation, aiming to create an for the viewer experience."

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As the daughter of an ardent birdwatcher, I have gravitated to coastal regions, islands and bird sanctuaries. My attraction to the cultural heritage of coastal areas – which includes an interest in regional folklore and traditions, particularly fiddle music which I use as a tool to access and build relationships– is entwined with my desire to be confronted by the sea. Experiencing direct immersion through swimming pushes me to engage with the sea as a living, breathing space. By stepping off the land and into this other world, I have freedom to mourn and keen, or let my heart race with joy. This is what I take back to my studio.

Oonagh McAteer and Zara Lyness, Buoy Park Art is a podcast full of chat about art and artists in Northern Ireland and beyond. Meeting on the Fine Art Master’s Course in Ulster University, Oonagh (BA Photography) and Zara (BA Fine Art) started the podcast as a relaxed platform to encourage inclusive discussions about art and artists and to extend a support network to independent and rural artists at all career stages. The podcasts include invited guests talking about their work and interests and introducing different topics each week, along with the ups and downs of the life or an emerging artist.

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