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Featuring Bronagh Lawson (Ep. No.17)

Bronagh Lawson is an artist living in Belfast but originally from Strangford and Portaferry ,co founder of the Hydrangea project a Belfast Chicago collaboration with Adjunct Professor Suellen Semekoiski of School of art institute Chicago. She completed her Diploma in foundation art in Bristol Polytechnic now West of England University and graduated from Winchester School of art with a first class degree in Textiles and fashion, specializing in knitwear. During her time as a Fulbright scholar she attended Parson school of Design in New York (now the New school). Returning to Northern Ireland pre ceasefire she started as a participant on some cross community development programme’s then spent 13 years setting up and running, cross border, cross community development programme’s in interface areas of Belfast and was chair of the Women’s Tec and an equality specialist and member of the Women’s Co alition. Returning to artistic practice via the Belfast print workshop where she started with a night class on etching then became chair. Making a series of Prints called the ebb and flow of East Belfast , shown in Dublin as part of the Easter Rising centenary supported by the British Council .She set up and ran a community ning website voluntarily for the artists community called creativechangeni for 3 + years for which she won a NI Regional digital heroes award from Talk Talk. Other prizes include one from the Alzheimer’s society for the dementia and art project she helped develop with the live and learn team. In 2019 she published her first book called Belfast : City of light, looking and listening to Belfast, come with me based on her experience as a non church attendee of visiting every church in Belfast for a service over a 10 year period. She writes a weekly art round up for the Belfast media group , published online and in the Andersonstown news.

City of light available to purchase on the link below:10% off with FESTIVE10 code

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