Splatter Painting


Oonagh McAteer Born In County Tyrone and now living in County Down.  She has been settling into her career as an artist, Oonagh McAteer has worked on a variety of creative projects.

Her artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. She is never content with standing still and are always looking for her next engaging project.

Oonagh’s primary conceptual focus is on the subjects and stories that preoccupy her internal discourse. However, more recently she has been influenced by the anthropomorphic characters she encounters in her daily life - one of whom is a rock called ‘Sumpy’.  Oonagh’s practice is transitioning from working primarily with photography and found imagery towards a wider use of mixed media, bricolage and fictional storytelling. Her work may at times appear to have no clear narrative often leading to an experience of bewilderment in the viewer.  Her studio nestled under her house, in a valley, between fairy forts in County Down.





E-Quadrant, Virtual group exhibition January 2021 Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Ephemera, group exhibition January 2021 The Glass Box Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Continuum, group exhibition June 2019 Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland 
The Afternoon Herald, group publication project as part of Belfast Photo Festival, June 2019, Belfast Northern Ireland 
Connections, Translink, group exhibition June 2019, Lanyon place station, Belfast, Northern Ireland 
Connections, Translink, group exhibition June 2018 Victoria Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland 
Infinite Yore, group exhibition, June 2018 Ulster Photo Fair, Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland 
Otherkin, Chrysalis, group exhibition June 2017 Millennium Court, Portadown, Northern Ireland


MFA Ulster University (ongoing)

BA (Hon's) Photography with Video with first class honours
HND Photography with distinction 


Longlisted Artist 2019 RDS Visual Art Awards 
Dean’s List for Academic Year 2017-18


Co-founder of Rayoo Photography 
Founder and Co-Host of Buoy Park Art Podcast


The Visual Artists' News Sheet, VAI, Issue 4 July-August 2020 - Here 


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